The time for the Agape Softball Championship Tournament has arrived! We look forward to having a wonderful time this weekend, having fun together as we play, enjoy one another, and worship together. We hope to see everyone come out, and have a great tournament!

For those of you coming to watch, we are looking forward to watching all the games together and having wonderful time together. DWELL MG will be serving snacks of tacos and burritos around 12:30. (This will not be lunch) Here is a list of nearby resturants.


Alpha Ridge Park, Ball Field #3
11685 Old Frederick Road
Marriottsville, MD 21104



Saturday at 11:30am & Championship Game will be Sunday at 4:30pm


Team Roster

Eugene Han LF
Peter Ibenana CF/LF
Elisa Kim RF/2B
Joe Kim CF/LF
Mark Kim SS
Nathan Kim CF
Robert Kim SS/3B
John Kwon P
Jennifer Lee 2B/3B
Sherwin Lee OF/1B
Jackie Ramos RF/C
Stephen Ramos CF/1B
Stephanie Sangah RF/C
Vince Shi CF/LF
Jerry Ta P/1B
Winnie Tsang C
Beverly Chang C/2B
Will Choi 3B/OF
Young Choi OF
Michael David OF
Fay Fan C/OF
Natalie Griffin OF/C
Thomas Hsu OF
Albert Hsu OF
Nathan Kelley 1B
Eric Maniwang P
John Ng P
Ken Park C
Elijah Rhue P/1B
Milinda Son 2B/OF
Mike Siow SS/3B
Zach Stewart OF
George Wang OF
Yimei Wu C/OF
Ken Yim SS/3B
Nikki  Zarsona C
Anne Hong C/2B
Sam Hong OF
Joe Liu OF
Sandy Liu C
Su Luo OF
Ray Park 3B
Sarah Rager P
Brian Shyu 1B
Ganesh Sivashan OF
Andrew Songate OF
Grant Stanley 1B
Nick Steele 3B/R
Ben Tsai SS
Bessy Tsai C
Sam Tsai OF
Brian Woo R
Candace Yi 2B
Jean Ahn OF
Li Chen C
Gina Cho C
Thom Cho 3B
Meaghan Cole 2B
John Ealy OF
Dan Howarth SS
Anne Kim OF
Eddie Kim OF
Gus Kim OF
Catherine Langston OF
Donald Murry 1B
Tim Platz P